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Frequently Asked Questions about our Long Term Indoor Car Storage

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I accept cash and personal checks. Personal checks should be made out to Michael Stefanick. Most customers either give me post dated checks or send them monthly in the mail to my P.O. Box (P.O. Box 6187, Leesburg V.A. 20178).

Q. Will I have access to my car while it is in storage? 

A. I ask for a 10 day notice if you wish to pick up your vehicle to ensure I will be available to have your vehicle ready. I am the only one allowed to move vehicles in and out of the buildings and if I were to be away for a few days I would hate for you not to be able to have your vehicle. 

Q. Do you store cars just for the winter months?

A. Yes; however, I have a 4-month minimum charge. You can of course pick up your vehicle before this time if you wish. 

Q. Do you provide transportation?

A. Yes. For a fee I will drive you to the Dulles Airport (30 minutes). From there you can find many connections elsewhere whether they be metro, bus, taxi, etc. 

Q. Do you store trucks, utility vans, or trailers? 

A. I do store larger vehicles and trailers for additional fees depending on available storage space. 

Q. What should I do to prepare my vehicle for storage?

A. Please remove any extra items such as clothing or food as they will accumulate a musty odor while in long term storage. I also ask that you try to bring the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Ethanol separation is the largest threat to your vehicle while in storage. By having a full tank this will help prevent separation and water formation. Read more on Ethanol separation (link here).  

Q. Do you run my vehicle while in storage?

A. Yes I run each vehicle at least once a month. Sometimes owners of speciality cars and antiques will ask me not to run them and I certainly accommodate their request. 

Q. Will my car be on a full time trickle charger?

A. Yes, I keep every car on a full time trickle charger. This saves the life of your battery and makes it very easy for us to start your car at any time.

Q. Will my vehicle be insured while it is in storage?

A. No. I cannot insure your vehicle. Owners should maintain their current polices. Keep in mind that if you suspend your liability and collision coverages, maintaining only comprehensive coverage of the vehicle, anything driving related is not covered.

Q. Do you store vehicles that don’t run?

A. Yes, I have and can accommodate this. Please call for more information.